Writing Up A Storm

Feast or famine seems to be the way it goes. I had a quiet (writing wise) Christmas and a damp, dreary summer thanks to La Nina and her Southern Oscillation. With no income from the tutoring and lecturing due until well into March, it is a long haul from mid December. Book sales have been bubbling along but getting paid is problematic. Either it is a US Check costing $15 to clear and taking 40 days, or it is a 3 month wait plus forty days and then the US tax man wants 30%!

I decided to ramp u the prospecting for writing work. I was lucky to come across a new client who wants a 70,000 word book ghostwritten. A lot of work as I have to develop the outline and structure from a ton of ideas, links and snippets he has sent me but I can do it and do it well. Already he has put me onto a couple of other potential clients. My eBook client from last year has given me some article writing work, the rate is half my usual low rate but I get half the sales the articles generate. I don’t have  a problem with an ‘Ayn Rand’ model of writing, as I call it. Ayn Rand was the ultimate capitalist/writer combination. That client has passed me onto another who needs blogs and a web site filled with content and I passed him on to a colleague who is a whizz with WordPress, so the good fortune goes round and round.

I have found by being so busy I am more productive. I still have the collaboration with Rainbow Writers to offer my Online Writing Online course. It has been ramped up and put on steroids, it is bigger and flashier than I could ever have made it by myself and will soon be released. The community college courses are up and running so the fourth Rorschach Anthology will be published in April. The publishing end is coming along with Hilda Hopkins getting some major coverage in the world’s largest machine knitting magazine in March. I wrote a feature article on the books and their author, Vivienne Fagan aad we plan to serialize the first book and offer some as competition prizes through the magazine.

So all in all my writing business continues to grow and that is a good thing. I am losing weight at the rate of 2kg a week and that is a wonderful thing. I juice fruit for breakfast and some lunches and eat less the rest of the time and try to do my exercise routine as often as I can. No point being wealthy if I’m not healthy enough to enjoy it, is there? Which just happens to be what the 70,000 word book I’m ghostwriting is all about! Stay tuned.

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