Will The Internet Please Stand Still?

Just for a week or so, even a few days will help. I need to catch up on all the latest developments in eWriting and publishing. It seems that just as I think I have this eBook stuff down to an easy pdf file convert someone throws in Mobi and Epud and however many other format for their own eReaders. eReaders? When did they sneak up on us… oh there’s dozens of them now?

Wait a moment, aren’t iPads giving them a run for their money? Not to mention Netbooks with 7 or 10 inch screens and tiny keyboards. I have one of those for when I am traveling and to keep up with the PC world. Quite a few sites look different in Internet Explorer to what they do with Safari, Mac’s browser. I use Firefox on both my iMac and the little Samsung Netbook and even that has updates on a regular basis.

it seems as I start to think I am getting somewhere I find there is more. Social Media is a good example. I have known of it for some time but only now as I start to dabble do I find out how it is the ‘next big thing’ and so forth. Then there is Myebook.com where I am even as I type uploading a second title. I love the format, very similar to the Flipbook program I was introduced to in 2004 by Canadian conman Arthur Hawke.

Which segues nicely into mentioning how there are still far too many scams and rubbish offerings online and I guess there always will be. Some of them are worse than the most juvenile Nigerian 419 scam letter but like those millions in deceased estates across west Africa, people seem to keep falling for them.

I have seen some selling the Dot Com lifestyle and promoting tens of thousands of dollars a month from just a couple of hours here and there when you are sick of the beach or vacationing in the tropics. There are some genuine dot com moguls out there and I am working my way towards that status but still have a long way to go. A bit like the uploading of my eBook. Funny how even the coolest WOW things soon need to be virtually instantaneous or we get frustrated.

I read somewhere today it is not a case of stop the world I want to get off but rather stop the world, I want to get on. I wish someone would do that because while it was stopped maybe I could play catchup? No? Well I guess I need to get my head around the idea of life being a work in progress then. I suppose I will never know it all and just as I do they will create the next big thing and away we go again. The best course of action is to accept change as constant and inevitable and go as hard as you can, maybe get ahead of the pack for a bit here and there.

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