What’s An Internet Marketer?

I hear so many use the terms ‘marketing’ and ‘marketer’ when discussing online writing. For many it seems that selling is not selling if it is marketing. Advertising and promotions are all marketing, too , apparently. I always thought that advertising was one of the tools used when promoting a product or service to the market that had been identified as the target group that would buy the product. The whole process was marketing. Of course I’m wrong once again, it happens regularly in my house which is not surprising given there is only the one male and the other six humans are females.

So what is marketing? Is it the process of selling the product or everything that goes before that? It seems that this is one of those words people feel more comfortable using instead of selling. It’s nicer to be a marketer than a salesperson, more socially acceptable, a bit more posh. Sorry, I disagree. No matter what you call it, selling is selling. Unless somebody sells the product, nothing happens. You can have the greatest product in the world but unless people actually buy it then you have a lot of useless whatever it is.

To get to the point where people will buy requires you to market (sell) the product so that potential buyers know where it is, what it does and why they should buy it as well as who is selling it and how they can get one for themselves. And when, which for online sales is 24/7, ‘yes, even at 3am’ as we all have to include in our pitch it seems.

So the process starts either with a product to sell or the desire to sell to a certain market or niche. The Americans say ‘nitch’, not ‘neesh’ but you can pronounce it as you prefer. I have some experience of both camps as I sell the eBooks and associated products I already have and thus must find the market for them. Additionally I seek to discover what it is the market is after and then create a product for them to buy and a place for them to buy it. Hopefully this covers both ends of the spectrum. It also allows me to be the owner of the product with affiliates multiplying my market penetration many fold and also to be an affiliate myself. I can sell, er… I mean, market, other people’s products by setting up web sites, filling them with relevant content that is jam packed with key words that simply sick the traffic in off the web and just let the money roll in.

As well, I can sell advertising space on both my own product sites and those of affiliate products I se… er I mean market. I’m sorry but I’m pretty old school in many ways and to me there is nothing wrong in selling, it makes the world go around. Everything you have that you didn’t make yourself was bought by someone and that means someone else had to sell it, so why the stigma? Sales is not synonymous with scam in my book. I never con-vince anyone to buy anything and I never try to ‘close’ them. They close themselves if I have done a proper job of identifying their needs and presenting the right solution. If not then they don’t buy.

Where does the eWriter enter into this mercenary world of buying and selling? Well you are selling your words, your ideas. Whether you package them in an eBook or a blog or as web page content, they are a vital part of the selling/marketing process. Every word is worth money, so spend them wisely because online writing is not the same as print media. The pace of reading your words is much faster and the attention span of the reader so much shorter because they know there are five zillion more pages of content on the same search terms just waiting for them to surf off to. If you haven’t sold the reader on your words as being worth taking the time to read by about the second or third paragraph then you can expect a quick flick of the gaze to the bottom of the page and then off to the ‘Back’ button or wherever else they can escape and move on.

Whether you think of yourself as a writer or a marketer, you are selling. Even great novelists must become salespeople at times even if they call them book signings and serve lattes afterwards.

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