Three Ways To Make Money eWriting

I have listed here three ways you can make money eWriting. None guarantee the instant riches most of us seek but they have all paid me some real sponduliks in the past.

1. FreelanceWriting – I am enrolled with Odesk and Elance and have had mixed results. I have never had a single job from Odesk but I confess I haven’t bothered even visiting the site in months. I have had a couple of jobs from Elance but also had a couple fall through. You have to join up, pay a monthly subscription so you can bid on many jobs and really chase it to have a chance at getting work, or just be so ‘right’ for the job. You are competing with people in third world countries who will write for a dollar an hour or two bucks a 200 word article. It pays to target the jobs that pay fair rates an d don’t sell yourself cheap. In the long run you will recent working for so little and either do a poor job or just suffer the entire time. Why punish yourself? Bid a fair fee and then give them extra.

Working for Elance and Odesk means your payment has been deposited in trust and you have a much better chance of being paid than seeking work yourself on spec. Also, people needing eWriters will go there first before surfing the web on the off chance of finding an eWriter looking for work.

2.Blogging For Bucks- Some people are fortunate that they attract paid subscribers to their blogs. You really need to have something to say worth paying for and of course, your blog needs to be found. Having a niche topic you are an expert in (or can find enough material online and repackage it well) is the first step. Then you need to set up a blog, host it, get the domain name and drive the traffic to it.

Some people seem to make good livings doing this but I have only ever had a few people offer to pay me for my info simply because there is so much already out there for free. Most of which I wrote too! You can make  money blogging by selling advertising space on your blog with Google Adsense and similar providers. Again, the secret is to have the traffic knocking on your door 24/7. Many advertising providers won’t touch your site until you have a zillion hits a month or some such number. To make money from a blog as a business takes a lot of SEO and SERP savvy, too often the quality of the actual writing is irrelevant.

3. eBooks - Still the best in my mind. I have several titles on sale and a dozen free products I use to generate interest and credibility. I sell on my own web sites and via and as well as using affiliate marketers like Clickbank. You need a way to deliver the eBook to the buyer and take their money, as well as a place to put the eBook for people to find and desire to buy. And of course, you need to drive the traffic there so they can find and buy the eBook.

Whichever of the three (and there are more) ways you choose, or perhaps you try all three; you will need to be found. Getting found is the key and that is where SEO and SERP are vital. Social network marketing can help and so can a lot of things but don’t think it is easy. I have been selling eBooks online since 2003 and I can honestly claim to be one of the leading experts in my niche, but it is still a hard row to hoe and by no means making a living on its own.

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