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September 2014 marked the fifth year I have earned my living as a professional writer/educator. In the four decades of life prior I gathered up a lifetime of experience as a schoolboy, soldier, security consultant, private investigator, body guard, salesman and marketing expert. All the time I wrote as part of how I made my living. from homework to reports to surveys to sales copy; now and then some fiction, too.

You can learn a lot about my writing and my work from this site. Feel free to explore, spend some time reading the many pages and then, contact me and discuss how I can create some content for you. Web copy, blogs, ghost written books, whatever writing you need I can provide it.


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6 Comments to “Eating One’s Words”

  1. Joel Landrum says:


    I perused all of your various websites trying to find an email address to contact you. I have a Bachelors degree in Philosophy and am working on two others in English and History. I was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and am currently unable to work. I’m looking to get into online writing to support myself. If you have the time I had a few questions for you regarding e-publishing. If you could just email me a contact for you I would greatly appreciate it.
    P.S. Your websites are great! Very informative. If I had any discernible income I’d surely donate.
    Thank you.
    Joel K Landrum

  2. lee says:

    Mr. Gamsby,

    I have read several of your publications now. You understand what it is like to be pursued by a cyberstalking harasser. I would like you to contact me privately please. I have discovered a blog post on your blogsite that libels and defames my partner. You reproduced part of a daily mail story in which you name him and libel him. The original real world newspaper article was removed by the editor after i proved to him the mendacious and libelous content of his newspapers story. I would like you to remove your publication, kindly contact me and i will direct you to it.

    • perry says:

      I have emailed the commenter and asked for more information as I have no idea who I have allegedly defamed. Stay tuned!

  3. perry says:

    Turns out this Lee character is a cyber stalker themselves and makes up a ton of lies. Mentally ill and a sad case all round.

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