The Adventure Commences

My view of the bar.

I am sitting at the Seafood Bar in Terminal 1, Sydney International Airport and I have spent an enjoyable hour or so waiting for my delayed flight to board. Corona Beer, $10 and no lime, just lemon. Coffee, really nice but still, five and a half bucks. A couple of poached eggs on ham over muffins with Hollandaise sauce, $17. Compared to the $7 pies and $11 cold and dry bacon and egg rolls offered elsewhere, or $25 for a few pieces of sushi… not bad value as airport gouging goes. It is a gouge and while the six figure income types think nothing of paying such silly numbers for stuff that you can buy elsewhere for half the price, this is the way it is. Airports are traps, places where you have little choice and the money hungry mongrels who operate them know this. Never forget Sydney Airport is owned by Macquarie and you don’t get much more money hungry than that mob.

So fifty bucks later it’s time to board but I confess I am feeling relaxed. After weeks of stress and working to make sure I make as much as I can before I go and have a business to come back to when I return, I am ready for this trip. It is a business trip and I do intend to make income from it but it is also a break for me. I just wish I could take the wife but someone must care for our five girls. Next time. Now. Time to board and do some more writing. It is NaNoWriMo regardless of where I may be and I have a novel to finish. Plus notes and a proposal paper for battlefield tours, some W Somerset Maugham short stories and a ton more. Stay tuned!

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My view of the bar.

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