Teaching Is Learning Too

I am heading for Week 3 of the 8 week Online Writing course I am teaching at Macarthur Community College and I am learning as much as I am teaching! I have five great participants and they are teaching me a great deal. I forget how far I have come in my understanding of online writing and how the web holds infinite potential until I watch some of my pupils. Things I now take for granted are new to them and watching them discover new things is truly a pleasure. Seeing the penny drop as they twig to why some things are as they are is great to be a part of.

Of course these are the universal joys of teaching, no matter the subject or the student. I have always taken considerable pride and pleasure from watching a student do something I have taught them how to do. Even better is when they blow me into the weeds and become even better than I am at whatever it is. Then I know my role as teacher has been fulfilled and when I’m taking their money to teach them what I know, I haven’t ripped them off!

I have a lot of confidence in being able to leverage this course into something more accredited, perhaps a Cert III or Cert IV in Online Writing. Get the AQF to approve the course and then offer it as an RTO. There are a lot of ‘make money writing online’ eBooks and CD courses and what have you and some of them have valid and valuable content. But none of them are government recognized and approved and that is what I am aiming for.

A course that provides relevant and worthwhile training and is fully approved and recognized around the country is surely a better investment than some online download of emails, video clips and pdf documents. Even as the web changes the course can be kept up to date by adjusting the effected module. This would overcome the main problem anything to do with the Internet has, it can be made obsolete before you have a chance to even post the first ads!

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