Take A Moment To Not Be Doing Something

I was given the link to this opinion piece and I have to say, despite my love of eWriting, it resonates with me. In a nutshell, we are doing too much nowadays. We think we have to be doing stuff every second of every minute because to a large extent, simply put, we can.

But just because we can it is no reason why we should, or for some it seems, must. Must be doing something and generally something to do with technology, with the electronic gadget of the hour. I have misplaced my cell phone and while I am sure it will turn up sooner or later, I have had to pay $25 for a new SIM (with the old number). A friend of mine has given me a brand new Sony Ericsson T300, that’s the one you can stick a camera in the bottom of and take photos. Yeah, it’s brand new but old stock he got in an auction, which is what he does for a living. Buys up lots of electronic stuff and sells them online.

So I have the Icy Blue model, without the camera. Announced in October 2002, it is small, light and works like a bought one, so to speak. It does not do what the latest gee whiz Nokia I had (still have I am sure, somewhere) but then I never used all the stuff that phone had. Too complicated. I just wanted to make and take calls!

So I will take the post to heart and hang up the keyboard for the evening. I plan to go to sleep by ten pm tonight and get up at a dawn breaking 6am tomorrow, even though I don’t have to. But if I can get two or even three hours ahead of myself it has to be a good thing. I will walk the dog, feed the chickens and clean out their coop and do my 5BX (I love my 5BX no matter what my Osteopath reckons!), maybe even try a few yoga postures, do my old Tai Chi form and be ready when the tribe awakens.

There is no time to turn your life around like the right here and now.

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