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You Know You Are Making It When…

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

You know you are making it when they start to help you promote your books. In this case one I am the publisher/editor of, not the writer., my printer of choice, just sent me a coupon to promote the third in the Hilda Hopkins Machine Knitting Serial Killer series, saving 15% off the cover price! This is a great book with the infamous Hilda jumping from a train to escape the Law and landing on her feet once again, this time as maid to a Mistress of BDSM! The mind boggles yet the book is very much a PG rated volume any parent would comfortably give their teen to read.

The first in the series, ‘Hilda Hopkins, Murder She Knit’ and the second, ‘Hilda Hopkins, Bed & Burial’ are ripping yarns in the traditional English detective/murder mystery genre but with a twist. That twist is put there by the machine knitted garrotte used by Hilda once she puts her victims to sleep with a nice cup of tea… laced with a little something special, of course. She always knits an effigy of her victims, so they can be remembered of course.

I am editing #4, ‘Hilda Hopkins, M.I. Knits’ at the moment. This time Hilda answers her country’s call and becomes a secret agent assassin, shopping trolley and all, for Her Majesty’s Government. Who knows what she will get up to in #5, not even Vivienne Fagan, the writer. Vivienne has an inside line on the secret agent gig as she was in military intelligence and then worked for the ‘Home Office’ herself for 30 years but she won’t say more than that. She could, but then she’d have to get Hilda to serve you tea…

Buy a copy and enjoy, and get the other titles while you are at it! Before they become super valuable first editions of the next Agatha Christie-J.K. Rowling. To use the coupon click on the link Hilda Hopkins Machine Knitting Serial Killer and insert AUGUST306 into the panel marked Discount Coupon Code when you hit the checkout. Offer ends September 15, 2011.

Eating One’s Words

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Creating Your Content

September 2014 marked the fifth year I have earned my living as a professional writer/educator. In the four decades of life prior I gathered up a lifetime of experience as a schoolboy, soldier, security consultant, private investigator, body guard, salesman and marketing expert. All the time I wrote as part of how I made my living. from homework to reports to surveys to sales copy; now and then some fiction, too.

You can learn a lot about my writing and my work from this site. Feel free to explore, spend some time reading the many pages and then, contact me and discuss how I can create some content for you. Web copy, blogs, ghost written books, whatever writing you need I can provide it.