Serendipity Strikes!

Myebook - Philippine Dreams 2010 - click here to open my ebook

Funny how things work out sometimes. I decided to get with the program and sign up for Twitter the other day. As a result I found and followed a Twitterer in the publishing business and have since rhizomatically wound my way to a new (for me) eBook publisher, where I have done a trial publishing of my ‘Philippine Dreams 2010′. You can click the link image above and view the ebook in the great format they use, free of charge for a few weeks. I am going to study the software and the system and see how it fits in with our plans for selling my writing, my eWriter Project college course and so on.

I am keen to get some comments and feedback on the eBook format they use. It allows inclusion of multi media such as video and audio and I plan to produce a version with some great video clips taken from our vacation in Manila and Cebu.

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