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Scale Of Professional Fees 2015


Editing & Proof Reading of Manuscript

Proof Reading For Typos & Common Grammatical Errors:-

$0.01/word, minimum $100 (10,000 words) Pensioner/Concession 25% Off

Editing, (includes Proof Reading as above):-

$0.05/word, minimum $100 (2,000 words) Pensioner/Concession 25% Off

Layout/Format for Print Publication (includes Proof Reading as above):-

$0.05/word, minimum $100 (2,000 words) Pensioner/Concession 25% Off

Layout/Format for Electronic Publication (includes Proof Reading as above) Supply .pdf, .mobi, .epub, .Word.doc files:-

$0.05/word, minimum $100 (2,000 words) Pensioner/Concession 25% Off


Collate information, write draft, present for corrections, then correct and produce final edited/proofed manuscript for presentation to Client’s Agent or Publisher: – $0.20/word, Pensioner/Concession:- $0.15/word

Collate information, write draft, present for corrections, then correct and produce final manuscript, then publish as an eBook:- $0.20/word +$175, Pensioner/Concession:- $0.15/word + $100

Collate information, write draft, present for corrections, then correct and produce final manuscript, then publish as a print media A5 size paperback (hardcover on request)  :- $0.20/word + $200, Pensioner/Concession:-  $0.15/word + $175 (includes 2 copies of finished book, additional copies at cost plus postage)

Clients can elect to have their book published as both an eBook and a print paperback for an additional $100. Publication can be to StreetWise Publications imprint or all assistance needed for client to set up own accounts with (KDP & CreateSpace), and (Apple, Sony, Kobo, BN etc) included.

Book Marketing and Promotion

Assistance with creation of website, Facebook page and content, agent/publisher pitch letter, synopsis, legal pages (Copyright/Disclaimer/Privacy Policy), media release, $300

Cover Design

At Client cost or, in-house add $500, outsourced to professional cover designer add $1,500, Pensioner/Concession $300. Covers are a major factor in the success of the book and in-house services include the purchase of any Royalty Free stock images (to ensure copyright ownership) and at least five different version for the client to choose from. Cover art copyright ownership is included in the copyright ownership of the completed book and belongs to the client once all fees have been paid.

Book TrailersCreate video book trailer, 1-2 minutes, with public domain soundtrack using client supplied images or public domain images $250-$500

Content Creation

Home page and other main pages:

Product / Service description pages, Landing pages, Sales pages (Up to 300 words per page) – includes outsourced keyword optimization by a leading expert (LSI keywords). $375 for 5 pages .


Articles, Blog posts, News Releases :

1 Article only: – $0.40/word minimum $80/200 words

2-10 Articles: – 25% Off

11-100 Articles: – 50% Off

Copyright Notice, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy:- $40 each

Terms And Conditions:- $200/500 words

Technical & Academic Writing

White papers, essays, dissertations, manuals, training courses, speeches

$150/hr or per 750 words ($0.20/word) $300 minimum


All work under $500 requires a $100 Commencement Fee followed by the balance outstanding on delivery or final work. Work over $500 requires 50% deposit at start of work, balance on delivery or as agreed.

Payment is by Direct Deposit, Cash, or Credit Card/Deposit to PayPal

StreetWise Publications

BSB# 512 170,  Acct# 822947


Pensioner/Concession Rates

Perry Gamsby T/A StreetWise Publications is a supporter of the NSW Senior’s Card and all other official arrangements for concessions and discounts to qualifying persons. Additionally, Concession rates are extended to all serving and former serving military, fire, ambulance and police personnel.

Explanation of the different types of editing
Plain English writing and rewriting
Plain English looks for the layout of the information structure. The writer or editor has to establish a conceptual overview of the material and design the document so that it is easy to read, communicates clear concepts, transfers knowledge and gives information you can use.
Rewriting involves taking complex, bureaucratic or technical material often from many authors and makes sure the meaning is clear to a layperson. Also called information or project management.
Manuscript assessment
Reading the manuscript or a representative section, advising on stylistic matters and (if requested) commercial potential, and offering general advice on development.
Manuscript development
Working with an author to develop a manuscript.
Editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style; checking for internal consistency of presentation and facts; marking heading levels and approximate placement of art; highlighting copyright and legal issues; and notifying design and production staff of any unusual requirements. May also involve incorporating the client/author’s replies to queries (the brief should specify whether this work is to be included in the copy editing fee or performed for an additional fee).
Substantive (structural and stylistic) editing
Ensuring that the structure, content, language and style of the document are effective and clear.
How to hire an editor (ghost writer? etc)
Be clear about what you want the editor to do. If possible, involve the editor early in the process of producing the publication, rather than later. This saves time and money.
Do you want the editor simply to assess the document, to edit or proofread it on hard copy, to edit it on disk, or to take full responsibility for producing the finished product?
You also need to be clear about accountability. Does someone in your organisation need to approve editorial changes (and if so, at what stages) or does the editor have a relatively ‘free hand’?
Ideally the tasks, roles and responsibilities should be set out in a written brief. Feel free to discuss the project with the editor in developing this brief. Editors might be able to provide a ‘ballpark’ quote for a particular job before they have a detailed look at the project. A more accurate costing can only be provided, however, once they have a brief and have seen and assessed the document. It pays to confirm with the editor whether the quote is firm or an estimate only. Extra charges may be incurred by late changes to the brief.
Editorial corrections and other suggestions (such as improvements to the structure) are easier and cheaper to incorporate while the text is still in the developmental or editing phase, i.e. before it goes into the page layout or formatting stage.
(Adapted, with permission, from the Freelance Register of the Society of Editors (Vic.) by Society of Editors, NSW)
Professional standards: The Council of Australian Societies of Editors (CASE) published Australian Standards for editing Practice in 2001, which sets out the knowledge and skills expected of experienced editors. This publication is available on the CASE website:
I provide the same degree of confidentiality that you would expect from consultation with a doctor or a lawyer. I can offer advice on intellectual property, copyright and protection of your work – talk to me first before you give your material to anyone else.
To save us both embarrassment please do not ask me to work ‘on spec’ or ‘look at something and tell me what you think” or for free. My fees reflect my professional ability and are fair. I will save you money in the long run. All work is subject to a written brief before commencement. If the work subsequently involves my writing over 50 percent of the work, providing original material or deviating from the original agreement then the fee and the conditions will be renegotiated.

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