Rip Offs, Rip Offs Everywhere

The more I investigate this topic, the more I find there is an industry out there preying on writers. Many Essay Writing sites are just scammers taking money and delivering plagiarized ‘copy and paste’ collations, often late and after demanding more money. While I have zero sympathy for those with more money than brains and organizational capabilities, these students are getting ripped off. Some pay hundreds of dollars for their essays and term papers and end up getting busted for plagiarizing, which is fair enough.

A legitimate custom essay writing company in the UK says it is not cheating if the student uses the custom written essay as a guide. Kind of like just another form of research notes, a guide to how their own essay could be written. If the student did that and didn’t hand the essay in as their own work then fair enough but we know most students will just hand it in and whine for a refund if they get a poor mark or caught out. There are links on that UK website to newspaper reports on this burgeoning industry that say many students will get access to such a service as a Christmas gift, so keen are many middle class parents for their children to do well at college. Pity they didn’t teach them some character traits like discipline, hard work and pride in one’s own achievements. But then this is so reflective of our 21st Century society it is pointless to expect things to change. The positive side, surely, is that it gives eWriters more opportunities to earn their living writing online. Well it does if they get paid for their work.

There are several essay writing providers claiming to be based in the UK or USA that are actually in the Ukraine or Hong Kong, with new ones springing up in Africa, both in Kenya and the infamous home of scammers, Nigeria. Some, like has a ruinous reputation of ripping writers off and must be avoided at all costs. I think most who fall for these scammers are ESL writers for whom English is a second language and they writer cheap. How some can write for three or even six months and swallow the lies given to them as to why no pay only means they are desperate for the work. But what good is a lot of work if they never pay?

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  1. Aindri says:


    I have worked for 4writers for nearly a year and they have not paid me a huge amount of salary (this was the time when they used to call and give work, I worked hard and now I find it was a trap). They do not reply to mails and I am not able to find out how to get my earnings from them. I realized this lately, when I have been following them for months and am not getting any suitable response.

    I would like to warn other writers to be careful with such sites which involve payment through wire transfers, and never work in bulk amount for any particular website. You may never know, that your work and toil will earn you nothing.

  2. Saeed says:

    freelancewritingcenter is based out of Hong Kong, but they’re good. Plus, Hong Kong is the place to be, and is a booming financial center, if you didn’t know that.

    • Editor says:

      At least they have one person saying good things about them. I was first in Hong Kong in 1986, back when the planes landing at Kai Tak flew between the apartment blocks and you could look into people’s apartments and watch TV with them.

  3. Luke Kiunga says:

    I am a versatile Kenyan writer desperate for rewarding writing opportunities. Ideas please!

    • perry says:

      I think you need to get Julie Scott’s list of Paying Freelance Opportunities. A superb resource, all listed sites have been vetted and none of them are crowdsource like Elance or Odesk. Email Julie at

  4. Sue says:

    I have a great experience in working with 4writers. These guys really helped me when I was unemployed. They gave me a job I could only dream of. Flexible hours and a good salary is what they really offer.

    • Alex says:

      Agree! When I found 4writers, after a long time of being out of job, I was extremely happy to eventually have a possibility to earn money and do what I really like. Now I’m sure that I can plan my schedule as I want, working as a freelance wrier, and that I will receive my salary on time.

      Ed: Tell us when you do receive your salary, on time or at all! And prove it.

      • Alex says:

        I receive my salary regularly at the end of the month. The amount of money depends on the number of completed orders. Everything is simple!

  5. helen says:

    I’m very happy that I have found this job. I can work as a freelance writer and have time to do another job.. that is most important for me is that i get my salary on time

  6. JOYCE says:

    I agree with you that some of the writing sites deliver plagiarized work.But a site like Bestacademicesssay is the best company i have worked with.This company deliver plagiarized free papers and also timely.Their prices are affordable.It is the best paper writing company.

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