Reading Widely Made Simple

The great thing about the Internet is that it is so easy to read widely. The rhizomatic nature of the world wide web lead early on to the term ‘surf the net’. You surf in and out of web sites and blogs with the click of a mouse, going from cool to boring and back to fascinating in seconds.

In fact there are surveys out there saying you have between 15 and 45 seconds to capture the imagination of the viewer that just surfed in or else they will surf on out again. When you find a site that grabs your attention it is scary how much time you can spend there and never realise it. One such site I found after Googling ‘ewriter’  is The e-Writer’s Place.

The owners are obviously trying to make a living from their site and there is nothing wrong with that. They have it jam packed with free info to give value and I find the ads interesting also.One of the articles (on how Editors are not the enemy) led me to another resource loaded site, Writers Crossing . Com. This one is a little different and looks at work for writers and places to obtain it.

As I followed the various links I was sent to that rip off ‘Real Writing Jobs’ web site I reported about recently. This, if anything, reminds us all to be careful and never forget the admonition to ‘Caveat Emptor’, buyer beware. Just because you find it on an otherwise reputable and informative site, or through a series of hyperlinks to a site you trust, there is no excuse for switching off the scam detectors. The Internet makes reading widely simple, but that doesn’t guarantee everything you read will be totally legitimate and above aboard.

Best thing is to judge for yourself. Surf on over there  by clicking on the hyper link above and as you do, take a moment to savour the speed of light travelling you are undergoing from one spot to another in cyber space. You really have to love this Internet, it has changed all of our lives. It is what makes a writer an eWriter after all.

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