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San Francisco writer Matt Stewart has had his novel published in paperback by Soft Skull Press, after he first published it on Twitter! The 95,000 word novel took around 5,000 tweets to get it all online at 140 characters a tweet! I guess that is one way of getting noticed and it certainly seems to have worked for Matt. There is also an iPhone application under development and in the article linked above, he speaks about other multi media ideas for books.

I like the recipes and the photographs of book locations ideas. I think they add a lot of interest to the reading and, like the extra features on DVDs today,pretty much expected by the younger generation. And the younger generation is going to be here a lot longer than the older ones so maybe we should start taking notice of what they want. I think this makes good sense as very often change is driven from the young up the ladder to the older demographics. While at first we may scoff or chafe at the thought of change, eventually change always happens and before you know it we are either waxing over the ‘good old days’ that usually never were or we take it all for granted.

I went online with Twitter the other day and while the world hasn’t come beating a path to my door, it hasn’t come to a shuddering halt, either. I changed a belief (that Twitter is soft, a gimmick and not for serious use) and I tried something new and it didn’t hurt. But then few things in life are ever fatal. It is the fear of change that keeps us locked down where we were. We get to a certain point and we feel this is it, we’ve reached the pinnacle. So we hunker down and dig in. Then we resist any change and stay in our bunkers while the world passes us by and only sends troops back to mop up the hold outs if they make too much noise grumbling.

I’m not going to fight a pointless rearguard action. I’m going to embrace change and progress and technology (from a user/operator’s perspective, not a technicians’) and keep up with society in the 21st Century. I am planning on doing audio versions of my books and offering them as MP3 downloads and CDs. I can publish the CDs at Lulu and have them drop ship them to buyers so there isn’t even a need for me to fill the garage with bubble wrap and brown paper!

I’m thinking podcasts, You Tube My Channel and video blogging. Why not? I have the technology with two  iMac’s in the house and a business partner who handles the tech end. What we can’t do we can outsource very affordably and get it done online somewhere. Whatever else they might call me, it will never be ‘Luddite’!

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