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I had the pleasure of spending 16 hours with writer-psychologist Jayne Fordham when she attended my Online Writing course last year. Since then she has written a great book and created a very helpful and informative blog, hit the social network marketing trail and much more. Well done Jayne.

Jayne asked me to be a guest blogger which I was happy to be. She offers the same courtesy to other writers and relevant commentators and I have to say her blog is richer for this. Many years ago when I taught martial arts and self defence for a living I had a guest instructor give a mini seminar every monday evening. I never lost a single student to these other stylists however many of my students also trained with them after seeing what they offered. Even if they left me for the new style I would have been happy because they would have found what they wanted as a result of my giving them the opportunity to see what else was on offer.

Sometimes you need to give, to get. Even giving with no expectation of getting is a good thing. Good for your soul, good for your growth. Here is a review I did for Jayne’s great YA novel ‘A Season of Transformation’. The comment about the commas is in response to another review where the critic says there should be some comas here and there. I didn’t argue with that, even though Jayne had me edit and format, then publish the book for her through her account. One could say any error in punctuation not picked up before publishing is mine. OK, mea culpa. The point is, it really is not that important in the grand scheme of what the novel has to say, a comma here or there. What is important is that Jayne wrote it, published it and is now flat out marketing it and that is the true journey of the writer and their story. So why not see where you can post a review and share the love. Help the writer, help the reader and help yourself.

A Season Of TransformationA Season Of Transformation by Jayne Fordham

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A good first novel that caters to a market too often passed by, the Australian YA. While this book and the characters and story can be enjoyed anywhere in the world, it really rings true for the Australian audience. The tone and voice is natural to the Aussie ear yet not too colloquial to alienate the rest of the English speaking world. The reason for this is that the conflicts faced by the characters and the audience are very similar across the globe. Within the text there is a second narrative that resonates with Gen Y that can’t be taught or edited in or out of the story. It is the writer’s own input and while technically this could benefit from those commas mentioned by another reviewer, the soul of the story is all there. A great read. Her next book will no doubt be even better.

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