PhD By Publication

I am preparing my PhD application and during my reading, I discovered the award of a PhD by Publication. I applied the criteria listed and believe I could apply using the body of my work published both electronically and in print. This would include my several titles covering Philippines related topics as well as the web site content and free download guides, all of which do advance the body of knowledge on this topic.

Why do I want to be a PhD? Apart from the vocational opportunities, it would be something I could point to when telling my five kids how important an education is to your future and how lifelong learning is more than just a catch phrase. It would also add credibility to my work and give potential customers confidence they were not buying rubbish as all publications must be peer blind reviewed.

I have been aiming at a PhD by artefact and exegesis, but that means creating something new like a novel or play. I already have an oeuvre (body of work) to draw from, so why not make use of it? Additionally, I see it as another tick in the credibility box for all eWriters and online content writers. Our output is just as valid and real as those who are published in print on pieces of processed tree. It would be uber cool to be academically leading the way to some extent for all eWriters.

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