New Year, New Focus

For us here in Australia it is already past 1pm, 1 January, 2012. This new year will see me changing focus in some ways. The Philippines related books and associated web sites (60 or so at last count) are in the hands of a manager. We hope to develop them and sell off a few. I might sell the books as well and give someone a good little online business to retire there on. I am involved with writing reams of content for a new Internet Safety web site, including eBooks and lots of free downloads. The research has been interesting to say the least and quite enlightening. There are a lot of threats lurking out there in cyberspace for the unwary and unprepared, but nothing you can’t guard against.

I have written a novel, ‘Twenty Severn Seventy’ which is entered into the 2012 Miles-Franklin Award. That was my contribution to NaNoWriMo, quite an experience. I am also writing another novel which will not be written in just 28 days, plus it is going to be double the word count. That novel is the only fiction I plan to write in 2012. I am going to focus on selling the writing that I have on the inventory of StreetWise Publications, focusing on promoting and marketing because that is the end of the business I need to learn more about. StreetWise has several excellent authors and some very good writing on the shelves. Jeff Lassen, John Aalborg, Vivienne Fagan, Aaron David and Jonathon StCyr as well as the Rorschach School of authors and of course my own material. In the four or five days previously sales of Vivienne Fagan’s ‘Hilda Hopkins’ series have gone through the roof thanks to some marketing efforts we targeted. We have proof of concept, now I just need to multiply the efforts over the range of titles we hold.

Writing a great book is only the beginning. Getting it on line, published in print or whatever is the next step. The real mark of success is, of course, selling lots of copies. What is even better as a sign you are doing something right is when you have several books for sale and readers of one buy the rest. Sales of Vivienne Fagan’s books have included several multiple orders of all six in the series as well as the same customer coming back to buy the rest after trying the first couple. Always a great sign. On top of all this, once school goes back I will be tutoring and lecturing. I won’t be writing for any essay writing sites, while WriteRight (Oxbridge) have paid me for my work, it has been in dribs and drabs and always after weeks of waiting past the promised payment date. Not to mention a lot of excuses and promises and I am still waiting for the last $50. I am sure they will pay but I write on time and ‘superbly’ according to the owner, I expect to be paid properly and on time without having to chase them for weeks on end. Then again, I can’t get their web site to load so who knows? So even if you get paid it can be a chore. I will look for more content writing opportunities for 2012 because thanks to the Google Panda slap of 2011, quality content is once again a must have to rank your site highly. I’ll talk more about that and those opportunities during the year.

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