I signed up for NaNoWriMo, or the National Novel Writing Month world wide event that kicks off 1 November. Get a 50,000 word novel written in 30 days. Sure, why not? It will be a bit of motivation. I plan on 2,000 words a day over 25 days with the last five for editing.

The novel is titled ‘Twenty Seven Seventy’ which is the postcode for the area I live in, one of Sydney’s toughest according to some. We have our share of dross, but also some good people and I plan to let the novel demonstrate that through looking at five main characters who are drawn together by a single event that changes all their lives. Lives that are pretty typical of the mix of people we have in this post code.

I haven’t done any fiction writing for a while, too flat out with paying stuff so it’s time to write a bit for myself. I have other projects I could apply to the event but I would rather start fresh on 1 November, and keep in the spirit of things. I’m not sure if you win anything other than being a part of a great literary event around the world and getting a novel written (hopefully).

I’ll keep you apprised and I hope I get some feedback from the organizers. I got nothing at all from that Writer’s Digest writing competition I entered a year ago, not even a sorry you didn’t place email. Paid my money but then heard no more which I think is what happens with most of these competitions. I might hold one of my own and see how much I can make in entry fees! The NaNoWriMo is free, by the way. You gotta love that.

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