NaNoWriMo Once More

As November approaches I am readying myself for National Novel Writing Month once again. NaNoWriMo is a great opportunity to get that novel written, or finished. They have a word count calculator so you can track our progress and this year are offering a free hard cover book of finished manuscripts.

I plan to complete ‘Never Be Unsaid’ although my word cont will only include new work written during the month. You need to write 50,000 words, about 1,667 a day. Clear your schedule and set aside your writing time now. Plan your novel and get stuck in! I like to set out a scaffold showing me the chapters and basic plot thread as well as separate notes on characters, setting, plot and theme.

I missed out last year as I was at the Singapore Writer’s Festival. The year before I wrote ‘Twenty Seven Seventy’ and entered it in the Miles-Franklin and Prime Minister’s Literary Awards. This year I won’t chase Miles-Franklin’s prize as it is due too close to publication and I want to have the manuscript properly edited in early December. I might chase the Prime Minister’s Literary Prize, though. Just like the Lotto, you have to be in it to win it!


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