Millions Of Sales Are Possible

John Locke recently sold 1.1 million copies of his books via He is the first self published author to join the  Million Seller Club at Amazon. The other 8 members are all backed by mainstream publishing houses. Congratulations John.  John sells his eBooks via Kindle for just $0.99, of which he makes just $0.35. But 35% of 1.1 million is over $350,000. I would love to have to pay the income tax on a third of a million bucks. Made in just five months! John wrote a book about how he did this and has it for sale for $4.99. I bought a copy. Wouldn’t you?

I must say he was already a wealthy man when he started writing and he spends a couple of thousand dollars per title using a company called Telemachus Publishing to professionally edit, format and publish the books. His cover art is terrific, but you would expect it to be. Still, there is no reason cheap skates with no capital like yours truly can’t replicate much of what he does and get some similar results.

I won’t steal the guy’s thunder or give the game away. Buy the book like I had to. It really isn’t rocket science but it does prove that the method he used, and anyone can copy, does work. Put your prejudices aside and just follow the model like I am and let’s see where it leads. The penny finally dropped if nothing else. I knew all along I have to spend as much time and effort selling the books as writing and publishing them. OK. Now I will do that. I have rearranged my schedule to write of a morning when I am fresh and to market after 10pm when I usually sit at the writing machine for three or fours hours and just mess about and achieve very little. That leaves time inbetween to tutor and lecture (paying jobs, yee hah!) and also exercise. I started this yesterday and while early days, it feels right.

So, if nothing else, my $4.99 investment in the book and maybe an hour or so of my time reading it will be beneficial in ways other than a sudden, penny dropping epiphany leading to riches and happy ever afters. OK. The lesson has been learned. You have to work hard to sell the writing. That is why publishing houses have a large staff of sales, marketing, proofing, art department and editorial people working for the lucky few writers they deign to take on.

OI know it is a business, for centuries it was a processed paper selling business,now it includes downloads. But now we little guys can give the big fellas a run for their money. There is no excuse for not producing a quality eBook, edited, proofed, spell checked and formatted properly. One that doesn’t detract from the content by upsetting the reader with typos, gaps and orphaned words galore.

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