Luddites Need Not Apply

I signed up for Twitter yesterday. I figured you have to keep up with these trends even if you think they might be a bit soft. It is the way of the future, in fact it is how it is right now and it will only get more and more Twitterish in years to come.

Communication is what it is all about and instant communication at that. Society has developed preferences for this kind of social networking and there is little point ignoring it or fighting it. You will just be left behind. I decided years ago I wasn’t going to be left behind when I watched my father give up on trying to program his VCR. I confess I still can’t program mine but my eldest is going to High School next year so I have a fall back position should I ever need to do so.

The thing is, technology is here to stay and it is getting more and more to be a part of everyday life. I remember when offices had telex machines and faxes came in. Or typewriters and then Wang Word Processors were the rage. In 1986 I was dictating reports to a mini-cassette recorder and sending them off for the office secretary to transcribe. I don’t think there are any secretaries left nowadays, they are all personal assistants or office administration managers.

I typed my first words on an Olympia machine that was manual and non correcting. White out was the saviour of the day but as a Military Policeman we were forbidden to use it. We had to start again and make sure there were no mistakes. I later had a small Brother machine when I was a private investigator and I wrote my first manuscripts on that thing.

I could reminisce but its getting late. No matter how much technology might change our lives some things are constant and one of those is getting a decent night’s sleep.

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