Loving Life

I just finished ghostwriting a small eBook for a US client. Lots of fun and the client was rapt with the finished product, which is how they should be. I now have a couple of other writing jobs bobbing around and of course I am close to the big family vacation in May. I have about 15 hours of face to face tutoring to do between now and May and that is pretty much that. In other words I am free to write for myself! We have money set aside for the trip, the expenses while away and more due when clients pay for work recently completed so life is pretty good. In short we are managing and very happy.

I must say working for yourself like this isn’t for everyone and sometimes I do envy those in ‘regular’ jobs with sick leave, super, holiday pay and basically more money. Then I think how I was dead a few years ago and that every breath is a bonus. Might use that as a story title; ‘Every Breath A Bonus’. Since I brought my fees inline with other professionals I have been found by a different breed of client and I must say I do enjoy not having to haggle over a few cents a word. It does make you try even harder because once you get the taste for decent rates and the income they generate, you can never go back to competing with Third World writers for content mill work.

Now, what will I write about? I have my short story anthology to collate and add to. I have my novel, ‘Never Be Unsaid’ and the eLiterature Project to work on and of course a dozen blogs, some updates on books and some promotional work on my publishing house backlist. And there was I thinking I was on holidays!

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