Learning To Dictate Comma Full Stop

I bought the MacSpeech Dictate program today. had a few frustrating moments getting the microphone sorted and then training the program to my voice but the trial read went well. I have a couple of printed manuals I want to publish as eBooks and as paperbacks and re-typing every word is too time consuming. However I can read a heck of a lot of pages in an hour and just one hour a day will see the manuals in edit ready format in a week or two.

The program has a lot of trouble with some words, eg Corral System Arnis (a Filipino martial art) becomes ‘paralyses and loneliness’. There are ways to spell out foreign words and so on but I haven’t got there yet. I know some people hate the program as much as others rave about it. I think it is all about training yourself and the computer to work together.  In time I will even dictate these blog entries but it will be some time away. Creative writing is harder as you can pause and think and edit on the run when you type. When you speak the words you tend to pauses and um and arr a bit and so on. Practise will fix that as I well know. Back in the mid-eighties I used to dictate my investigation reports when I was a private investigator. We had a woman in the office who would use the Wang word processor and write up the reports as she listened to our tapes.  I soon learned to say my punctuation as I composed COMMA which isn’t as hard as it might seem FULL STOP

As for productivity, I think I can produce three times as much writing once I get competent with the program. So the $300 investment will hopefully pay for itself in no time at all!

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