Learning Curve

I have just received the latest two books I have published, ‘Desert Creek’ version 3 and ‘The Cool Side Of The Pillow’ version 5. I am getting better as ‘Desert Creek’ 3 has a great font and spacing and I am very proud of it. “Cool Side’ though still has lines at the bottom of pages between section breaks and I can’t get rid of them. I have reset the formatting, cleared the formatting, manually tried to erase them and so on, all to no avail. Whatever was I thinking when I put them in so many years ago?

Still, it is all part of the learning curve, although mine is more like a vertical line! I am learning about book sizes, gutters, header and footer amounts and all sorts of pagination stuff. Once I get the publishing of the book sorted, then I really need to tackle the toughest part of the business… marketing. Selling the book is the hardest part of the process. Writing it is the most pleasurable and even formatting, editing, proofing and printing has its upside. Selling it, well that will be a new curve entirely.

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