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cover smallThis month I published my ‘edgy’ anthology, ‘In Grave & Dark Clad Company’. Sixteen short stories of sex offenders, suicides, serial killers and assorted strange people, normal people and a few in-between people. I have several other stories that will form the basis of the next collection but they really didn’t fit into this one. I think you need to resist the temptation to throw in everything you have ever written just to make the page count and get them out there.

An anthology should have a theme or some common thread tying things together. I have other stories that are funnier, fluffier (well as fluffy as my writing ever gets) and perhaps more far-fetched but this collection just seemed to gel and say, ‘enough’ when the last one was included. So far sales have been promising with lots of people promising to buy a copy. It is available through Lulu as well as on Amazon courtesy of Create Space and of course Kindle and everywhere else as an eBook thanks to Smashwords.

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