How Time Flies

People I know often ask me how do I fill my day. The answer is that I don’t, it gets filled for me! If we look at a typical week there are  between eleven and fifteen hours spent tutoring, four hours lecturing to college courses and of course time spent getting to and from these commitments. Twenty hours of income earning time usually requires the same amount of time getting to and from, so that is 40 hours of the 168 each week has to offer taken care of. Grinding the work is one thing, finding it is the really tricky bit and usually one must spend as much time looking for the work and managing the admin as actually doing it. Most of 2012 I have been ghostwriting books for clients and this required 4 hours a day for at least five days of the week. Not all that time is spent writing the book, probably most of it is spent reading the source material and making sense of it, putting it into some semblance of order and coherence. When no longer writing books for others, I try to write for myself but that itself has various ‘facets’.

I have dozens of websites that are supposed to promote various books I sell and yet they need regular maintenance and I have been remiss in providing that time and attention. I have arranged for help from others but they seem to be caught up in their own issues and I understand that. I think for me it is a case of biting off far more than is chewable. I am trying to keep the blogs updated and interesting and I have plans to streamline the web sites and vamp them up a bit. All in good time, no doubt.

I am also redesigning the college courses I offer and tasks like these are scheduled for the two weeks every ten we call school holidays. No tutoring or lecturing during this time means the whole day is mine… except where I have to drop pen or keyboard and do something deep and meaningful with the kids. On top of all that I am a firm believer in ongoing education and currently have a Diploma course underway via eLearning through OTEN and that requires time and input. Apart from all this I need to exercise daily (which I rarely do,much to my chagrin) and eat, sleep and spend time with the wife and kids. So you see, being self-employed online is not always just a case of two hours a day spent by the pool with a laptop! For me it is pretty much a 24/7 lifestyle. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Unless I won the Lotto. Then I might drop a few things.


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