Hola! Habla Espanol?

I am working on a project which will see my books translated into foreign languages, starting with Spanish. I chose Spanish as it has a huge market out there in Latin America as well as Europe and it is easier to follow when formatting (I think). I also have a Hindi translation under way and did have a German one lined up but no word from the translator since a glitch at PayPal had me having to ask him to wait three days to fund the job. (You deposit the money into ‘escrow’ and that lets the translator know the money is there for payment) I also plan to do some in Chinese and other languages.

The Philippines titles will be done in Spanish and German but the big push will be the Hilda Hopkins series. I plan to use these as language readers with English on the left page and the foreign language on the right to make learning either easier and more interesting. I have my translators, a layout expert and a cover designer lined up so watch this space. I hope before august hits I hold in my hand the first foreign language StreetWise Publications book.

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