Getting Ahead Of Oneself

The other week I took the two eldest girls to the Apple Camp at the Apple Store where they learned how to make an iMovie and then edit it. All great fun and they scored a nice Apple t-shirt out of the two day free event. I bought OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard to upgrade my iMac and an iPad. It was a mistake. The iPad. I was very disappointed because as cool as it was on the video and in the flesh, it just didn’t perform. I had to upgrade my iMac to Snow Leopard to set up the iPad so it was a good thing I had bought it as nobody had told me this would be necessary.

I had to set up iTunes and do a few other things I wasn’t told about and everything is predicated on the fact you can get online to set the iPad up via your Mac. No idea if it can be done off a PC. If you are not online then the thing is worthless as it requires Wi-Fi in the home to operate. You can buy a more expensive model I believe that can pick up Wi-Fi elsewhere like 3G but don;t quote me on that. Suffice for us it was ok as we do have Wi-Fi Broadband in the home.

So I downloaded all our music and photos, bought some games apps and Pages (the Mac writing software like Word) for iPad and thought we were going to have a great addition to the family. I even bought a leather cover from ALDI for ten bucks compared to the five times that amount others wanted.  But the iPad simply didn’t live up to the hype. It failed to allow access to all the web sites we wanted to visit, including G rated ones my girls play games on. It wouldn’t let me write a reply to any emails I received in my Yahoo email account. I could type in the return address and subject but no text!

Then it refused to turn on. At first the reset using the hold down the Home and On keys simultaneously worked but soon even that stopped having any effect. I couldn’t remove my music or photos unless I was to email each file and as I mentioned, it wouldn’t let me ‘attach’ files or do anything but type in the address and subject! Then it stopped letting me in no matter what I did and we knew it was fully charged just moments before it had shut down because the battery indicator said so. After just a few days we had all had enough and today I took it back to the retail outlet and received a refund. I wonder if I can get a refund on the Apps I bought? Maybe a credit against future purchases? I can’t be bothered trying to chase them down!

Sorry Steve (Jobs – Apple CEO) but your iPad didn’t live up to the hype and hope we had for it.  I think it is ahead of its time and not quite fully worked out. A case of getting ahead of yourself perhaps? I’ll get the eldest an iPod Touch for Christmas but we won’t waste time or money on an iPad ever again.

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