Dear Steve, Not Having A Good Run

Steve Jobs, the Big Guy at Apple, is upset with me. In the space of a few weeks I have returned his iPad and Mac Speech Dictate. I realize the latter software isn’t an Apple product as such but it does seem to have a lot of problems working on the mac compared to its Windows cousin. I tried my best to train the program but it simply got worse!

Some of the gobbeldegook it came out with was hilarious but the amount of time required to edit the text meant it took longer, far longer, than if I just typed it in by hand from the start. Three hundred bucks wasted but fortunately they refunded my money, thank you Apple.

As for the iPad, what a disappointment. The thing kept dropping out when online and then it would switch off and we couldn’t get it to switch back on again. Even when fully charged, it refused to switch on for days and then it would just come back to life. Another $629 refund was sought and received but not before I had transferred all my iTunes to the iPad and learned you can’t transfer them back to your Mac! Well you can, by emailing them as attachments but it wouldn’t let me write in the email text area or attach any files!

I guess you can get ahead of yourself when it comes to gee whizz technology. I have ordered an  iPod Touch for my eldest daughter for her 12th birthday. Hopefully that has the bugs ironed out by now and works as intended. Meanwhile I am back with my Kindle as my latest toy.  It doesn’t do all the things the iPad does (when it  does them) but what it does, let you read eBooks, it does well. Maybe there is a lesson there for all of us?

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