Create Space Impressive

I have to confess I am impressed with the two books I have published through Create The quality is very good, but that reflects the hassle they give you to make sure your files are up to snuff. Covers are particularly demanding but that is a good thing. One of the major issues many have with self publishing andPOD is the fear the quality will not be there. Without the editors and publishers and proof readers and all the staff of the big houses it is true a lot of stuff is very poorly put together, but not StreetWise Publications’ books.

Shipping was listed as taking  over a month to get the book to Sydney but both books ordered have arrived in about a week, same time frame as with Lulu. The cost of the books are about half what Lulu charges, a significant saving. The down side is they pay by cheque which costs me $15 to clear and takes 40 days, while lulu pay into PayPal. Time will tell if enough books are sold because the big draw with Create Space is they sell hard copy on

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