Become A Published Author Goes Live!

I have decided to take the highly successful ‘Become A Published Author’ course live and online. Instead of just offering it at Macarthur and Nepean Community Colleges four times a year each, I plan to have it ongoing and online. So far the pricing and basic set up is yet to be finalized but I envisage a cost of below $160 including a copy of the published book delivered to each writer. This is what students pay for the face to face course, so I think a discount for the online delivery should be fair all round given the extra costs in having to ship each student their copy rather than share the shipping across all students and deliver them in person at the final session.

The benefits to be had include instruction and mentoring in short story writing (although memoir and other genre are accepted for publication) as well as being published both electronically here on Dangerous Ideas and also in print, on paper, for real, ISBN included. Once a writer is a published author, that hurdle is no longer to be leapt. It is behind them. They can now focus on their next book, polish their skills, improve their craft, sell something! Stay tuned for more details. The first course will commence soon!

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  1. justine newport says:

    when is the on line course going on line. I will definitely join?

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