I crashed the iMac the other day. Silly me gave the wife the OK to pull the plug out of the back without shutting it down properly and the end result is we lost everything we didn’t have backed up or online. I learned a lot about Macs during the two and a half hours I spen t on the phone to Apple, as well as the trip to the nearest Apple Store and my session with the ‘Genius’. Of course they push the company line which was data recovery would set me back thousands and probably not work and I would need a new hard drive and fitted, that was $500. In the end I ignored them and simply reformatted the drive off the boot disk and accepted my loss. I also learned that the HD is not a special Mac one costing hundreds but one I could replace for a hundred or so! Even the tricky operation of getting it swapped over was doable by oneself… if you dared to. YouTube have lots of instructional video clips covering the process, some better than others.

I did buy an external 320GB HD for $179 and now run the Time Machine backup system that comes with OSX10.6 Snow Leopard. Sometimes I enter the Time Machine just to go WOW! at the cool graphics. So ok, I lost some stuff I can never replace but that won’t happen again. I finally learned my lesson. I also love Yahoo for keeping copies of all the files I sent as attachments since the last time I backed up onto a flash stick. Plus, I keep a lot of business stuff online in the Files of my Yahoo Groups. I use them for more than just social networking but also as a kind of free ‘MobileMe’ or Cloud. They are secure and reliable and just another layer in my new, multi-layered data protection system.

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