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You can see the full range of my published hard copy works at my Lulu account. I love, it really does even the playing field and give some power back to the writer regarding the publishing of their work. The thing is, publishers are about distribution and sales. They have the means to distribute the books far and wide so that they sell. They make decisions of what they will and won’t publish each year based on their gut feelings as to what will sell and what won’t. They make more gaffs than good choices, as evidenced by the numerous books in the $2 bin out the front of book shops and of course the back room inventory that they carry but doesn’t sell out too often.

The hard thing is not writing the book, nor is it finding a literary agent to represent you or a publisher to publish the book. The hardest thing is selling the book. It can be the best story in the world but if people don’t buy it then it is a door stop and not much else. If you want to go the ‘vanity press’ route, and many famous authors have, then you can get into print and in that regard is no different. But they also offer you ways to market and sell your work. To get it taken on board by the major book chains and that is a saga all of its own!

This is a business. Like all businesses there are tricks, secrets, traps and a modicum of good luck and right place, right time. Here is my published work with links to where you can buy it. Most are my own writing however I am more and more involved with Editing and Publishing of late and have included these books as well.

Written By Me

StreetWise Philippines Series

Philippine Dreams, 2003 now Philippine Dreams 2012

Filipina 101 – How To Meet The Filipina Of Your Dreams, 2005  eBook

Filipina 202 – How To Marry And Migrate Your Dream Filipina, 2005 eBook

Filipina 303 – How To Make The Magic Last, 2008 eBook

Filipina Dreams  2010 – Filipina 101,202 and 303 in one printed volume.

Philippines Property Primer, 2004

Making A Living In The Philippines, 2005

Philippines Survival Handbook, 2008

StreetWise Cebu 2005

Out Of Stock, Sir! 2005


Barfines & Balisongs 2004

The Tunglewood Chronicles, 2009



The Cool Side Of The Pillow. 2006

Twenty Seven Seventy 2011

In Grave And Dark Clad Company 2012

Cruellest Cut 2014

Never Be Unsaid 2013

Sarah’s Child 2014

Sarah’s Turn 2014


Getting Your Personal PhD In Money Management 2011

Getting Your Personal PhD In Money Management – USA Edition 2011

Handling Hemorrhoids and Anal Fissures 2004-2011

Published By StreetWise Publications

Jeff Lassen

Desert Creek  2010

This Poor Collection, Jeff Lassen. Edited 2010

Icicles And A Warm Breeze  2011

Become A Published Author Anthologies – The Rorschach School

The Rorschach Collective 2011 Editor – First Become A Published Author Course Anthology

The Rorschach Continuum 2011 Editor – Second Become A Published Author Course Anthology

The Rorschach Redemption 2011 Editor – Third Become A Published Author Course Anthology

John Aalborg

Harry And Ivory 2011

Vivienne Fagan

Hilda Hopkins Machine Knitting Serial Killer Stories:

Murder, She Knit 2011

Bed And Burial 2011

Domi-Knit-Rix 2011

M.I. Knits 2011

For Queen & Country 2011

Saints And Sinners 2011

Short Story Anthologies

Ashes Of Time 2011 with David St Cyr.

Aaron David

Tale Of The Ancient Marina 2011


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