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Perry Gamsby, D.Lit., MA(Writing), Dip. Business, Dip. Marketing, is an eWriter who is passionate about eWriting. Why? Because that is how he makes his living. Online writing, web content, web publishing, eBooks, ad copy and any other form of electronic writing are where he makes some of his income. Perry also lectures on eWriting, business and personal safety so he not only diversifies his income streams, he gets out from behind his iMac and talks to other humans face to face.

A former Combat Engineer,  Military Policeman, private investigator, security consultant and self defence instructor, Perry has also enjoyed time in sales and marketing before deciding to dedicate his life to his family and his own enjoyment of the finite time we all have in this life. In 2009 while undergoing experimental robotic surgery to repair a prolapsed mitral valve, Perry died and was brought back to life, spending the next 8 days in a coma. This truly was a life changing event and one that made him take a long, hard look at what is really important to an individual. It certainly isn’t swapping chunks of his life for dollars and then not having enough chunks left for family time to do things with those dollars.

While in no danger of getting arrested for tax evasion, Perry believes he lives well with his wife and five daughters in a little house they will one day own. He admits they might not be in the best postcode in Sydney, yet they are happy and live within their means; the secret to true inner peace and happiness! In 2008 Perry was awarded his Master of Arts in Writing from Swinburne University of Technology, Lilydale. He also holds a CertIV Training & Assessing and a CertIV Business (Small Business Management) and qualified through OTEN for his Diploma in Business in 2013 and Diploma in Marketing in 2014. Perry is an advocate of lifelong learning and is conducting preliminary research for his PhD with his “The eWriter Project – From Idea To Income”. This includes design and development of adult vocational education courses in Online Writing. In April 2012 he obtained a D.Lit in Contemporary Literature from Canterbury University reflecting his contribution to online publishing and ongoing work in eWriting.

Perry is the author of over three dozen titles including both eBooks and hard copy publications, 16 training videos, numerous magazine articles, literary reviews and hundreds of web pages as well as his novels ‘The Cool Side Of The Pillow’, ‘Twenty Seven Seventy’, ‘Never Be Unsaid’ and the editor of collections of poetry and short stories. ‘Twenty Seven Seventy’ was an entrant in both the 2012 Miles-Franklin and Prime Minister’s Literary Prizes. His latest novel, ‘Never Be Unsaid’ was released in early 2014. 2014 was a busy year for Perry who also wrote the critically acclaimed ‘Sarah’s Child’ and ‘Sarah’s Turn’ as well as completing two ghostwritten books on martial arts and stock-market investing. Perry currently facilitates courses in making a living online and becoming a published author, as well as creative writing, at Nepean and Macarthur Community Colleges. His ‘Rorschach School of Writing’ has produced 10 volumes of published first works for a growing family of writers and continues to be the only opportunity of its kind that empowers writers to become published authors for the cost of a community college course.


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  1. NewellHeywood says:

    Perry: This is a joy. When I saw your name I got real excited. We corresponded, I think, about 5 years ago. I was planning on going to Philippines to pursue an experiment and needed advice. I remember you told me about neuro-liguistic programming, which I now know, was based on invalid assumptions. Well Perry, got my experiment done and published. You can see it by typing DOI:10.4236/psych.2012.38093 into a search engine and selecting the second link down from the top. I made a conceptual discovery which points to a modification that might improve PTSD and other exposure therapies. “Might” means it hasn’t been proved in any scientific definition of the term “proved”. Also Perry, I got married to a lovely Philippine woman and we now live in Los Angeles, California. Have been to the Philippines 3 times since we last talked. It doesn’t matter what kind of a house you live in, you will always be an extra special kind of guy to me. You, your wife and 5 daughters huh. A real virile kind of guy, that’s Perry. Perry, I’m real happy to learn that you are well and happy and living the good life. If you get a chance I’d love to hear from you.
    Always your friend: Newell Heywood

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