130 Today – Happy Birthday!

I just read that a woman in Georgia has turned 130 years old. That’s the country on the Black Sea, not the US state, in case anyone was curious. I doubt there is anyone in the US that is healthy enough to live that long and we in Australia are waddling up fast behind them. This woman lives in a remote, mountain village. This suggests to me she has had to keep physically active far more than her city dwelling sisters might and her diet would be far less processed than yours or mine.

I do wonder how much change she has actually seen since 1880. Do they have television and the internet in her village? Cell phones? Was she even aware that Joseph Stalin ruled the country between the Czars and the current democratically elected Georgian president? How much protection and longevity would such isolation offer? She has had a long life, but has it been a good one? Quality of life is important and while you never miss what you never had or know exists, has she had a good life? Consider before the Russian Revolution was five years old she had passed her 40th birthday and was quite possible a grandmother. By the time the Second World War was happening in her neck of the woods she was past retirement age!

There have been many stories written about immortality, time travellers and dynastic sagas because there is a  marketable fascination with time and ageing and life. When I turn 130 it will be the year 2092. I wonder what this world will be like then? Maybe I need to go and hide away in some mountain fastness because most of these really old people seem to live well above sea level. So long as I can get online there…. why not?

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