2012 Miles-Franklin Entrant Published!

‘TWENTY SEVEN SEVENTY’ was written, proofed, edited, formatted and published in 30 days and so far the people who kindly helped to proof and edit as I wrote it are all saying how much they like it. Perhaps it’s a little too early to say but it is indicative that you don’t have to agonize over every comma and preposition to write a readable novel. I also like the short novel length, 50,173 and hope to see more offerings instead of the seemingly mandatory mega length books that are really just the size they are because of set up costs and buyer perception of value. I think if a story can be told well in x number of words, why try to drag it out just to justify the economics of the exercise? Easy to say when you run your own publishing imprint as I do (StreetWise Publications). That is the true power of the internet. It has allowed writers to regain authority over their work and, provided they are willing to invest the time and effort to promote their books, the chance to actually make some money from their writing.

I have just finished David Morrell’s ‘The Successful Novelist’ and I recommend it to all writers. He makes it clear there is an awful lot of work for the author once the writing is done to help sell the book I personally see little value in not doing it yourself. For now, check it out at smashwords.com or by clicking the link below for the paperback version from lulu.com

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