The Die Is Cast

I sent off the seven copies of ‘Twenty Seven Seventy’ along with a money order for $75, the entry fee to the Miles-Franklin Award for 2012. The die is cast, the rest is in the lap of the gods, or the judges. If I had it to do all over again I would do what so many writers say one should do with a manuscript once you finish it. Put it in a drawer and leave it for a few weeks, then come back to it. W.Somerset Maugham, Stephen King and Ernest Hemingway all said to do that and no doubt so have many others. Just reading the book in print at last instead of onscreen I have seen so many things I would like to change but it is too late. I can change the text but not the printed copies that need to be submitted. So it will remain as it is and it will be a lesson to be remembered. Next year I will probably write my NaNoWriMo entrant in as short a time but then spend a lot longer on the editing and re-writing stage. Maybe print a copy to hold in my hand and work with that because as soon as it is printed, the bad things leap off the page at you like they never do on screen. This is the beautiful thing about eWriting. The technology allows us to do so much more and to edit, proof and change as we like. In the not so olden days it was a heck of a lot more work, a lot longer process. Perhaps though, that wasn’t altogether a bad thing.

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