How To Write An eBook In 20 Hours

Over on my Online Writing web site I have posted an article about writing eBooks and how it can be done consistently to ‘code’ in just 20 hours for a reasonably sized 12,000 word eBook. This is not the next great American novel, nor is it supposed to be the definitive text for anything. It is a researched, 100% original information product. Basically I allocate 5 hours to research and 15 hours for writing, editing and formatting with an hour or so in there for planning. The web brings everything one needs to know right to one’s fingertips and speeds up the process considerably. This is not a peer reviewed PhD thesis being written but it does require good habits and procedures to keep it legal, legible and legitimate enough to pay good money for.

The reason I wrote this article and divulged some of my many secrets to the world is that apart from not being able to handle all the eBook writing business out there anyway, I feel there is a genuine need for writers to be able to make a living online. The internet has opened up writing as a vocation for many of us yet at the same time it has sealed the fates of many writers who for decades earned their daily bread writing for print media. Media now closed down due to shifting reading habits and revenue streams, most particularly in the USA. Content mills churning out articles do pay for words albeit very little but even they are culling the herd and may be doing this because they are finding it harder to find paying customers. So much free content is offered by people just keen to be published but that is not the big issue.

ESL, or English as a Second Language writers in India, Pakistan, Africa and the Philippines in particular live in economies where $100 a week is a good income and more likely to be a monthly salary. So they can write 150-200 word articles for SEO programs, pumping them out to SPLOGs and blogs just to drive web site rankings and search results for $1 a throw. They can write four an hour and make more than a teacher does in their country. We in the west can’t compete and neither should we. The standard of these ‘articles’ is pretty poor with bad grammar and nonsensical gibberish too often the result. Finding better paying writing work on the other hand requires specialisation and effort. Too many freelance writers fail to spend as much time looking for work as doing it. They work out their rates based on how much they need per hour if every hour of the week they were producing words. Yet they should have an hourly rate that covers the time it takes to find that work and most don’t do this. When asked why, those who even know of this concept cite the market not paying anywhere near what they would have to charge. So either play the game their way or find a new game. I found a new game.

If you can write a 100% original information product, it doesn’t have to be the most in-depth account of the topic available online. It just has to be value for money if a price is placed on it or worth the effort if used as a value added incentive to get someone to opt in to a mailing list. You can also use it as a product around which you build a web site, then ‘flip’ the site and make money on the difference between what it cost to build the site and what you sold it for. If you can write there are plenty of people who can’t and they will pay for your content. You just need to find the right people for the content you have. Remember what I said above. Spend as much time working int he business finding work as working for the business grinding it. It is valuable time but too many of us think we are wasting writing time or doing stuff nobody is paying for. They are paying for your time, somewhere along the track but not in a dollar for minute exchange. You need to think differently or else you are stuck wondering why you can’t even compete for one cent a word articles with people who can’t get their articles, definite and indefinite, in the right order.

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